Team Project, Project Manager

The Project#

SIM-RT is a web application for managing neighbourhoods in Jakarta. We can see information like who is managing the area, the security personnel and their schedule. Last but not least, our monthly contribution fee (security, social, and environmental fee) status.

Technical Details#

I built this project with:


Integrating CKEditor is quite tricky. First, I want to store the images on the public disk. After several failed attempts, I decided to use the online builder to create my preferred set of functions, including the simple upload adapter. After that comes the second problem. The images and videos that are embedded are not showing correctly on mobile devices. So I have to create a script to add bootstrap classes such as img-fluid and embed-responsive-16by9

Personal Growth#

Because I code with React, I rarely use JQuery and JQuery based libraries like Select2, etc. I got to learn about how to use DataTables and Select2 with server-side processing. Besides that, I also learned about DOM use cases like creating hidden inputs, showing forms based on user input, and adding image preview when a user uploads a file. It is so fun to do because I realize that there are many things that I didn't know.