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The Project#

I built this project as a final assignment when I enrolled to become an administrator at Software Engineering Laboratory on my campus. I was asked to make a Progressive Web App with CRUD features that can be done when the user is offline. It was pretty challenging because I had to learn a lot of new technologies in a short time.

Technical Details#

For this project, I got to work with:

I use Chakra UI as my component library because of its simplicity, modularity, and accessibility. I can build accessible applications faster with it.


I was seriously ill at the beginning of this assignment, so I only had 5 days from the supposed 14 days to learn a lot of things and code at the same time to complete this project.

Personal Growth#

I got to learn a lot about PWA, primarily offline support while working on this project. I've never used things such as service worker before. Still, this project was the perfect opportunity to learn more about it. Additionally, I also learned about Firebase features such as Firebase Firestore and Firebase Auth and how they can allow users to do things offline.