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The Project#

I built this project with my friends as a solution for Kemenparekraf/Baparekraf Digital Challenge - Ciptakan Solusi untuk Indonesia yang Lebih Baik challenge held by Dicoding Indonesia and Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia. We created an application to help Indonesian artist promote their work during the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to everyone's hard work, we were nominated as the Top 50 Best Solutions.

Technical Details#

For this project, I got to work with:


It was my first time using React. I learned how to manage form, create an authentication flow, and manage the cart and favourite list. I felt overwhelmed at first, but I really enjoyed the learning process. This was real learning by doing experience for me.

Personal Growth#

This project was my first collaborative project. I led a team of four, including myself and divided them into three roles: Frontend, Backend, and UI/UX Designer. Sure it was not an easy task, but it was a rewarding one. I learned a lot about how to divide, manage, and keep track of everyone's jobs. It was a fantastic experience that I learned about myself and each of the members.